Requirementes Engineering

Communicating your solutions to customers and other development teams is not an easy endeavour, the definition of requirements specifications is today's chosen method to achieve a formal information exchange as well as define contractual agreements. However the definition of the required content, the redaction of unambigous text, the establishment of traceability and the decision on the right level of detail are some of the roadblocks that usually arise when writing specifications.

Well written specifications are a key factor, when it comes to the development of complex systems. Requirements Engineering (RE) targets the definition of processes and methodologies that formalize how specifications shall be created in order to ensure their content as well as their interrelationships can be understood, maintained and communicated efficiently throughout the System Developement Cycle.

We are experienced both in the definition and execution of Requirements Engineering activities in multiple industries and are able to provide you with guidance and support to maximize the result of your Requirements Engineering projects. As part of Process & Methods Teams as well as System Design Teams, we are aware of the challenges that arise among process creators and process users and can provide solutions so all your teams can successfully move forward with their activities.

Validation & Verification

Not knowing if the right product has been developed prior to its implementation will lead to a system that does not meet your customer's needs and not knowing if your product has been built right after implementation will lead to the discovery of design or implemention errors at a stage where production is already on going.

Performing Validation and Verification activities early in the development is fundamental in oder to prevent such conflicts and ensure a successful development. We analyze your specifications to check their testability and help you create requirements that can be tested. We crosscheck you have covered all your customer's needs and ensure traceability to cope with possible changes.

We Help You

Develop your requirements process

Find the right balance between number, hierarchy and interdependencies of your requirements specifications.

Define your specification's structure

Make sure all content necessary for the definition of your system is present in your specification.

Deal with common specification resources

Establish a proper information exchange for shared requirements, such as Signal Matrices or Interface Control Documents.

Plan for traceability

Decide what needs to be linked and what not.

Focus on what your customers wants

Ensure you your design decision satisfies your customer's needs.

Keep Testing in mind

Define early how the product shall be tested.